Thursday, July 1, 2010


This necklace was, of course, inspired by the colors of the earth. Well actually, it was also inspired by my boss' apartment. He has splashes of earth colors in his apartment and his office room. He commissioned me to do a few pieces that he will use for one of his projects and this piece is one of them.

Semi-precious, Indian and plastic beads handcrafted to make this beautiful Earth necklace

I imagine a woman with a free spirit, roaming the earth, barefoot. She likes fashion that makes her feel herself, no pretensions. She wears whatever suits her fancy, whether day or night. She believes her soul is one with the earth. Love is the force that makes her world go round.

Earth Inspiration Board:

The Earth Necklace retails for Php499


Golden said...

This one looks beautiful. People won't have a hard time matching it with their outfit.

Lots of love,

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