Thursday, August 19, 2010


These are authentic, brand new ALDO Bags. You can pay in cash or 2, 3 or 4 installments. Please read terms below. There is only 1 piece for each.

Aldo Girres Light Pink bag ALDO Girres Light Pink Bag, Php2360 (cash)

Material: Synthetic

“Time for some serious style with this top zipper satchel with wide handles and antique metal hardware. Triple compartment design. Dimensions 14 inches by 11.”

aldo girres

aldo girres light pink

Aldo Eriksson turquoise bag  ALDO Eriksson Turquoise Bag, Php2360 (cash)

Material: Synthetic

A great tote for your everyday needs, spacious and fashionable. Slouchy finish with belt detail and polished metal hardware. Tubular handle design. Size 16 inches by 12 1/2.
aldo eriksson turquoise

aldo eriksson

*All photos and description taken from the ALDO website.


  • We accept gcash, BDO Deposit and Paypal
  • You can buy the product and pay in 2, 3 or 4 installments
  • Email us at for any inquiries
  • Prices differ according to your preferred installment plan. Email us to inquire about the payment schedules.
  • When paying on installment, buyer must pay the first installment within 3 days. Otherwise, the item will automatically be reposted for sale.
  • Time between payments is only 15 days (max). For example, for 2 installments, you can pay on the 15th then the 30th. Same for 3 and 4 installments. We encourage you to schedule your payments on your paydays or one day after it.
  • Buyer will not receive item until fully paid.
  • In case buyer decides to cancel transaction and initial payment or payments has/have already been made, the buyer will only be reimbursed 50% of her payment. The other 50% is for cancellation charges.
  • Shipping is done through Air21 only as the bags do not fit in Xend’s pouch
  • Shipping charge is not included in the price. Email us for a calculation of your shipping charge.
  • We strongly encourage buyers to insure their purchase. We will pack the item as securely and as best as we can but when we hand over the item to the couriers, we no longer have any control over it. In case your item gets damaged in transit, you can settle matters with the courier as long as you’ve insured your package. We will not accept returns nor exchanges as there is only one of each item. This is a one-time posting only. 

Four East Lip Gloss and Nail Polish Set

There is only 1 of each pair so buy now! Each pair costs only Php100! We accept gcash, BDO deposit and PayPal.

These are from Four East Cosmetics as seen in Forever 21.

four east brown lip gloss and nail polish Four East Brown Lip Gloss and Nail Polish

four east clear lip gloss and nail polish 
Four East Clear Lip Gloss and Nail Polish

four east deep purple lip gloss and nail polish
Four East Deep Purple Lip Gloss and Nail Polish

four east lavender lip gloss and nail polish
Four East Lavender Lip Gloss and Nail Polish

four east silver lip gloss and light gold nail polish
Four East Silver Lip Gloss and Light Gold Nail Polish

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New Items for Sale!

There is only one of each pair so if you want something, better buy them now! Each pair of lip gloss and nail polish costs Php120. We accept gcash, BDO deposit and PayPal. Shipping within Metro Manila is only Php50 via Xend.

These are from Forever 21’s Love and Beauty line.

love and beauty light pink lip gloss and nail polish Love & Beauty Light Pink Lip Gloss and Nail Polish

love and beauty lavender lip gloss and nail polish 
Love and Beauty Lavender Lip Gloss and Nail Polish

love and beauty pink lip gloss and nail polish
Love and Beauty Dark Pink Lip Gloss and Nail Polish

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Items Soon!

Street of Jewels/ManilaThriftStyle will be selling some imported, BRAND NEW items soon. The best part is, you can pay on 2, 3 and 4 installments! I will post the details soon. Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


This necklace was, of course, inspired by the colors of the earth. Well actually, it was also inspired by my boss' apartment. He has splashes of earth colors in his apartment and his office room. He commissioned me to do a few pieces that he will use for one of his projects and this piece is one of them.

Semi-precious, Indian and plastic beads handcrafted to make this beautiful Earth necklace

I imagine a woman with a free spirit, roaming the earth, barefoot. She likes fashion that makes her feel herself, no pretensions. She wears whatever suits her fancy, whether day or night. She believes her soul is one with the earth. Love is the force that makes her world go round.

Earth Inspiration Board:

The Earth Necklace retails for Php499

Turquoise Poison

The first piece is Turquoise Poison:

The necklace is made up of semi-precious and Indian beads, linked together by golden wires.  

The piece was inspired by strong, edgy women who know what they want and do everything to get it. It reflects the strong will and desire of each woman. This woman is beautiful, seductive and mysterious. Men who seek her must tread very carefully.

My inspiration board

Turquoise Poison retails for Php499.

Welcome to Street of Jewels

Welcome to Street of Jewels! I've been designing bead jewelry since I was 16. This hobby has seen me through tough years, paying for a portion of my tuition, school allowance, medical bills plus medicines and of course, shopping money! 

Over the years, my taste and (moods) have changed. These creations are lovingly handmade by yours truly. No two pieces are alike. You are assured of a one-of-a-kind piece when you own a piece of jewelry from La Rue des Bijoux, the Street of Jewels. 

Have a look around and see if something catches your fancy. Leave a comment if you want something to covet.